Giants win the World Series!!!

Recliner are Giants fans. Well, the majority of us. And majority rules on this one...cuz they did it! The Giants won the World Series. Facing elimination six times throughout the post season, and with a team that only knew the small ball. And hitting slumps. And mid-season errror filled games that made you cringe. Hard.

And yet, here they are, winning the World Series against a Detroit team known for its thunderous hitting. For sweeping the Yankees! For Fielder and Cabrera. C'mon!!!

But that team didn't show up. They didn't hit. And that was the key. In fact, the Tigers led the Giants for one inning. Until they didn't. The rest of the time our pitching and defense did it all. Oh except for when we were hitting when it mattered, playing small ball when it counted, and homering when it really counted.

That was pretty much the story throughout the series. Giant dominance. It was odd for this Giants fan to witness, as we are a tight knit group accustomed to a great deal of Torture. But there was Zito, doing what he's never done before (a World Series win). And Bumgartner, redeeming his late season lack of presence. Even Lincecum, who stepped up and filled in for his fellow above mentioned fallers-from-grace. It was theater. It was fun to watch, and it was Giants baseball like we are very unaccustomed to. Each getting it done as if it was an every day thing. Like they'd been doing it all season.

But they hadn't. It was ugly mid-season. Before the All-star break I don't know one Giant's fan who'd thought they were going all the way. Well, except George, who perpetually bets the Giants to win with money from his 2010 lucky bet.

Yes, I could analyze forever, but ultimately this site is about music. So I will finally segue to something remotely approaching musical. Because as much as I hated the entire broadcast handled by McCarver and Buck, I appreciated seeing the highlights of the Giants broadcast to the sounds of The Who. Somehow, I think FOX was able to nail the sound of the Giants in this post-season. Big brash chords to accompany a big brash achievement. Never say die. Never give up. And then make it hurt when you have the chance.

I can hear people cheering in the night out the window as I type. I hope they remember not to destroy this great city as they celebrate their teams great achievement. Because in the end it is a game. But certainly I feel their adrenaline - and I understand it. The Giants lived up to their name in this series. And I think The Who captured the sentiment perfectly for me:


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Re 2012 Giants mid season slump: We won't get fooled again. :). Martin L