It's nearly here...the new record and CD. Yes, both are in process as we speak. Should even have a test pressing of the record soon. And by soon, I mean less than a month. Seems the kids dig records again these days and so the process is takes quite long due to supply and demand. Lots of demand, hardly any supply as most of the record plants went out of business. Imagine how lucky to be one of the last record remaining plants in operation! 

As such, we'll be breaking up the release of the CD and record into two, with a CD release party on October 17th, and our record release sometime in January. Can't make the 17th, how about the 15th?! That's when we'll be warming the stage for our friends in District 8 for their CD release party. 

Sadly, there will be no cassette tape release party, unless you're counting the one featured on our new t-shirts (see design above). Get yours at any Recliner show while supplies last.

Two ways to get your RECLINER fix:

Oct. 15
Hotel Utah
500 4th St. SF, CA

Oct 17 - Benefitting the Rene Garcia Memorial Fund
The Barrel House
80 Tehama St., SF, CA

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