It may be anti-climactic to some, given that the CD came out in November. But hey, it's not every day your music gets printed on vinyl (apparently, you have to wait six months for the privilege). And so what if nobody seems to have a phonograph anymore—unless of course your hip, or um, a hipster? Or just old and never bothered to get rid of it. We are one of the above and bet you are too.

The point is—the record's done and we couldn't be any more excited about it. Except that we forgot about distribution. Where can you get yours, you ask? Good question. Whereas the digital revolution has made it easier than ever to get music into your hands via digital download or compact disc (remember those?), there's no easy way to get the record out. Unless of course you simply...

Email us and tell us you want one. 
Yes, it's that simple.

That's how we're doing it (for now). $30 gets you the gorgeous, red, translucent vinyl edition of Unfinished Conversations lovingly packaged and shipped to your door. We'll even send you a digital copy while you wait.

Get your copy! It's so easy:

1. Drop us a note that you want one to recliner@me.com
2. Let us know where to send it.
3. We'll send payment instructions and off it will go.

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