It's official. We've got new music. What started as simple demo sessions became the real thing and now it's quite frankly burning a hole in our pockets. We've got five tracks done and on the mixing boards as we speak, errr write. Now comes the decision as to whether we get 'em out in the world now or wait until the next five or so are finished. Dilemna.
Whatever we choose to do, we know the project has a name—The Wait.

There's some politics. Some angst. Are those both the same? Some old man ponderings. Some young man ponderings. Some navel gazing. It's all in there. A little punk, a little country tinged, a little Floyd. Some Hammond Organ! Yo Greg Jones! So yeah, a Recliner record. It's gonna be fun to share whichoo. Whatever we do, we should have something out 'bout it soon. Woohoo.

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