If you don't know the Lazaretto Brothers, you haven't been watching the COVID Sessions. If you haven't been watching the COVID Sessions, you've been missing out on some of the best homegrown entertainment this side of quarantine. If you have, you know Gus and Giuseppe have been cooking up their own take on classic tunes all years long. Songs like the slowed down, sultry version of Loverboy's Everybody's Working for the Weekend or AC/DC's You Shook Me all Night Long next to Pearl Jam, Echo and the Bunnymen and more. 

But what you might not is that the brothers play every song live, without overdubs? It's true. No lip-syncs in these videos. Every song has one of the brothers playing and singing straight-through. And the astute viewer will notice that as the series progressed, Gus and Giuseppe began accompanying themselves on other instruments or harmonies with the rule that it had to be a complete take. By all accounts, this  meant that one song could end up taking hours due to this arcane, self-imposed approach. 

We met the Lazaretto Brothers on  Recliner's western swing through Little Portugal a few years back and have been keeping tabs on them ever since. Being from the old country, the brothers certainly knew their way around a tune, but it became clear that social media, marketing and general hygiene were not their thing. So we decided to take them under our wings and post their stuff while we all sheltered home during the pandemic. 

We suggest you check them all out. What else do you have to do? 

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