Crikey. How do you misplace a whole year? We managed to find a way. When we recorded our new record, The Wait, grand plans were hatched to hit the road in 2020 and play to new audiences, old audience, new old audiences, old new audiences, etc. We'd play our new tracks and sell our new vinyl. It would be glorious! A year later, we find ourselves with quite a few records in boxes – and – haven't played a note together as a band all year other than sharing tracks back and forth. Worst of all, we didn't get to hang out on the tourbus with our friends, the Lazaretto Brothers. But hope springs eternal...and with light at the end of the COVID tunnel, we see potential 2021 gigs as a reality. 


In the meantime, we've been collecting the works of Gus and Giuseppe Lazaretto all pandemic long. Early in the quarantine, they started sending us new cover songs and videos. We ignored 'em the best we could at first, until there were just too many to ignore. We didn't know what to do with them other than slap 'em up on YouTube and Facebook. As you may or may not know, we're not the best self-promoters, let alone friends from the old country. But nearly a year to the day, we get a box in the mail with some cassette tapes of all the songs they'd recorded all year long, and not so surprisingly, they were all pretty good. So we offered to share 'em with whomever might happen upon our site. This sounded mighty good to the brothers, so here they are.


At the link below you'll find the best of the recordings from this year's COVID Sessions. The brothers originally had the idea to ask people to donate money in the amount of their choosing, giving it all to a charity (Doctors Without Borders) in exchange for downloading their favorite tunes. However, we convinced them nobody would want to pay for their silly little cover songs. They insisted we give our PayPal handle  We didn't know they even knew what PayPal was. But as promised here it is: 

PayPal: Seidelworks@gmail.com

But don't feel obliged or guilted, unless of course you do. In which case, it's going to a great cause, especially in these crazy times. 

At the link you'll find nineteen individual tracks of varying quality and recording value, but all with a little something we thought worthy of sharing to the world. We packaged 'em up in a couple different ways. That's the "album cover" on the left which you'll find among the downloads (in case they didn't encode properly and you're anal like we are about having artwork with our audio files). Not sure which brother is represented here, as they look strikingly similar. Very hairy. Anyhow, the brothers thank you. We thank you. And hope to see you live and in person real soon.  


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